You will find many Japanese businesses that do conventional Japanese foods such as sushi and tempura.

With Miniyaki's we bring you a slightly different side to Japanese cuisine....we bring you


Click below for matsuri information.

This side of Japanese cuisine is quite different.

Japanese comfort food at it's best it very much matches the vibrant & fun side of Japan.

Presently we specialise in Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba. But we will soon be trying our customers out on Takoyaki. So watch this space!

AUTHENTIC is a key word with Miniyaki's.


I speak Japanese fluently, so I regularly surf the web researching  popular and new flavours for my dishes.  Also with the advice and guidance of my Japanese friends we are able to bring you flavours and options as you would find them in Japan.

If you would like to bring a Japanese Street Food or Matsuri vibe to your event book us today!

Symonds Yat

Ross on Wye



Tel: 07920525744


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Okonomiyaki is our main thing!

 A very popular Japanese street food most commonly associated with Osaka where it is affectionately and rightly named ‘Osaka’s Soul Food’.

‘Okonomi’ = to your taste/as you like it. ‘Yaki’ = fried/griddled.  These are incredibly more-ish vegetable based savoury pancakes which, as the name suggests, can be built with a variety of fillings and toppings to your taste and then finished off with a worcestershire sauce style thick sauce, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and toasted nori (seaweed) flakes.  

In Okonomiyaki restaurants you will find a large variety of options but at the outdoor festivals, called Matsuri and street food stalls you usually just find the traditional Pork Belly topped Okonomiyaki. Here we are offering a selection of popular flavours.



Yakisoba literally means griddle fried soba. Soba are a brown buckwheat noodle often found in Japanese cuisine. But oddly it isn't actually used in Yakisoba. Instead wheat or egg noodles are used. Such as those in ramen.

You will find a few dishes adopted from Japan's neighbours China that have been Japanesified. Yakisoba is one of them. It looks like a Chinese stirfry but with the pickled ginger and special Yakisoba sauce it is a bit different.

Traditionally griddled with chicken, mixed veg and pickled ginger, the noodles are then smothered with a fruity sauce.

It's great!




Another great Osaka special! A very popular street & matsuri food.

Little ginger, spring onion and octopus filled batter balls smothered in the same fruity sauce again and Japanese mayonnaise. These really are loved by all that try them.

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