Miniyaki'sAlfresco Dining Events


Our impromptu 'Alfresco Dining Events' last year, that were born from a need for socially distanced outdoor safe settings, will be back next spring intime for you to enjoy our very own cherry blossom trees in our Doward garden!

Imagine a woodland bordered garden lined with giant fairy lit beach trees & Japanese lanterns. Now imagine sitting under the protection of these huge trees in your own twinkly wonderland while enjoying a Japanese meal with your friends and loved ones in a very socially distanced way.

This is what you will get at one of our Alfresco Dining Events.

Having spent 10 years living and working in Japan. I feel there is a more casual side to Japanese cuisine that you don't get in your average Japanese restaurant.  If you are after high dining dishes such as sushi or tempura then this isn't the place for you.  I want to bring the more everyday dishes that you would eat as someone who lived in Japan rather than visiting.

With Miniyaki's you will experience festival, street food, izakaya (bar) food and everyday Japan's mama's kitchen stylee dishes.

If you like quirky and different then this is the place to be!

Keep a look out for our starting dates for next year.


If you are a group of 20 + guests and would like to book a Miniyaki's night with us for a private meeting/function/party then please let us know. 



 We are not a restaurant. These are occasional  street food stylee pop up events held outside in our garden through the nice weather seasons. 
As such guests are invited to order, pay and collect  their meals straight from our caterpod trailer in traditional street food style. 


Due to limited capacity, these are pre booking only events.

We operate a BYOD (bring your own drink) system, for which there is a £10 corking charge per table. This covers the supply of glasses and disposal of your bottles.
This is an optional extra for those wanting to BYOD.  If you don't then you don't have to pay it.
A small selection of soft drinks and teas will be available to purchase.

These events are held in our garden ontop of the wild Doward, so the ground is uneven in places. Please take this into account if you have elderly or disabled guests with you and with the footwear you choose.

The road to our property (leapingstocks road) is very rough. Please go slowly and maybe don't come up in a super low profile vehicle. As it is a public road we cannot do anything about it.

Well behaved children and pets are of course welcome.  But ball games and running around unsupervised is not permitted as this has upset guests trying to have a quiet meal in the past.
Please also make sure children do not wander outside of the fenced off area into our private garden area or play on our private equipment. 

We have a unisex toilet available for guests to use around the back of the house.  We sadly do not have disabled toilet facilities.