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Our dishes

Below is a selection of dishes we can do here at Miniyaki's.

Public Events

Only a selection of these dishes are available when you see us at public events. But we try to make sure there is a good variety, with options for gluten free, vegan and lactose intolerant.  We use local butchers for our meat products and all our packaging and cutlery are biodegradable.

For up to date details on events we will be appearing at please see our  'what's on' page or visit our Facebook page.

 Private Party/Wedding


When you are choosing options for your Wedding or Private Event package we invite you to look at some of our foodie pics below and then once we have tickled your taste puds  please head over and scroll down to our 'Private Events Menu' on our Menu page for more detailed description and options available to you.

Please see our  'Weddings/Private Party Packages' page for full information on our packages.  We have designed it so you can work out the per head quote yourself. We then add expenses such as fuel, staffing etc on top of this on a case by case basis.

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The Story behind our main dish




Okonomiyaki is our main thing!

 A very popular Japanese street food most commonly associated with Osaka where it is affectionately and rightly named ‘Osaka’s Soul Food’.

‘Okonomi’ = to your taste/as you like it. ‘Yaki’ = fried/griddled.  These are incredibly more-ish vegetable based savoury pancakes which, as the name suggests, can be built with a variety of fillings and toppings to your taste and then finished off with a worcestershire sauce style thick sauce, Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and toasted nori (seaweed) flakes.  

In Okonomiyaki restaurants you will find a large variety of options but at the outdoor festivals, called Matsuri and street food stalls you usually just find the traditional Pork Belly topped Okonomiyaki. Here we are offering a selection of popular flavours.

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