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 I need to remind my lovely customers, that I am not a restaurant, or even a cafe. I run my business from a rather small catering trailer with quite limited space. Used to being on the road at a new event each week. This is what it is designed and suitable for.  Therefore I am unable to offer a huge selection of 'special requirement dishes', as much as I would like to, due to space and risk of cross contamination.


As standard I do my best to be mindful of various 'special dietary requirements' and have always offered 'at least' 1 gluten free or vegan options which are not made alongside non vegan or gluten free dishes to avoid cross contamination.  

My food is generally dairy & nut free (except for sesame seeds), but occasionally dairy or nut items may be introduced as a 'special'. 

This will always be stated, on the menu page, in the food title, description and 'food intolerance icon' displayed under each dish. 

Each dish has it's own allergy profile, which is free to see on request.


Since being grounded due to the present COVID-19 situation we all find ourselves in, I have tried to mix up my menu each week so that I can offer new things for different dietary needs and to keep things interesting.  But the fact remains the same...I am a small catering trailer, not a restaurant.

 I have been criticized for not having enough VEGAN or GLUTEN FREE options. So I felt it necessary to point this out.

That said, if anyone has a particular dietary need, if you give me plenty of notice, preferably a week in advance, I can go through the dishes, that we offer, that would suit your needs and have it on the menu for the week you will be eating with us. 

As the saying goes, 'You can't suit all of the people all of the time'. But I do try to as much as possible.

Be kind and keep smiling. x

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