Our Bespoke Wedding & Private Party Packages

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Wedding Packages

Weddings can be expensive. We try to keep our prices as realistic as possible and only charge expenses such as fuel, staff costs, specialist ingredients, requested extras etc.  These charges are added separately to the per head price as each Wedding's expenses will naturally be different.

We would invite you to a taster session from our Caterpod, so that you can see it in action.

You would then be invited to choose the dishes that will suit you and your guests tastes & dietary needs.

  • 1 dish per head  (budget option)  -   £5.00  (minimum of 100)

  • 1 dish per head                                  -   £7.00

  • 2 dishes per head                             -   £10.00  

  • Children's fun table  per head      -    £5.00

Menu Choices

Now the fun part!

You are invited to choose the dishes that tickle your tastebuds from our menu's.  Each dish comes with flavour options.

(Although some dishes such as the cold dipping noodles are only 1 flavour)

  • 1 dish per head (budget option)  -    1 dish & 2 flavours                      -   Food tokens supplied                                     ( Choices are Yakisoba or Curry  rice bowl only)                                         

  • 1 dish per head package                 -     2 dishes & 2 flavour options     -   Food tokens supplied

  • 2 dishes per head package            -     3 dishes & 2 flavour options     -  Food tokens supplied

Please click on the link below for an idea of dishes and flavour options available.


Childrens fun table

Keep the little ones entertained with our 'fun table', where they can have a go at making funny faced onigiri- rice cakes or have a go at sushi roll making, which they can then eat after showing you their creations.

£5 per child. Adults can join their childs fun for free!

Booking Miniyaki's!

Hopefully we have worked our magic and you want us to cater for your big day!

In which case we are delighted!  

We would request a £100 deposit to secure the booking. This is then deducted from your total cost.

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