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My name is Emma.... Not very Japanesey I hear you say. But I lived in Osaka, Japan for 10 years and speak the language fluently. In that time I was very privileged to have experienced lots of different levels of Japanese lifestyle , culture and, of course, cuisine.

I didn't live as a foreigner in Japan I lived as a local and therefore got treated like one. Having the great opportunity to work for an all Japanese Company made this easy! People would take me into their homes and show me their family recipes and show me the real Japan.

14 years on Japan still heavily influences my life and I hope this reflects through my food.

Many people, when hearing I lived in Japan, would say 'I don't like raw fish'. So I started hosting 'Japan Night' Parties in my home here in the Wye Valley. Out of all the foods I made the Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba were the most popular. So MINIYAKI'S was born!

your chef

Mother & Daughter dream team.

My Daughter Hannah sometimes accompanies me on the bigger festivals.

We are very proud of our 5* Food Hygiene rating!

Me at the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, wearing my Yukata, which is traditional festival wear.

July 2001

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