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My name is Emma andI lived in Osaka, Japan for 10 years in my 20's and speak the language fluently (Bit rusty now though)! In that time I was very privileged to have experienced lots of different levels of Japanese lifestyle, culture and, of course, cuisine.

I didn't live as a foreigner in Japan I lived as a local and therefore got treated like one. Having the great opportunity to work for an all Japanese Company made this easy! People would take me into their homes and show me their family recipes and show me the real Japan.

Eating out in Japan is also a very communal thing, and I would often find myself cooking the food on the table infront of me at a restaurant.

But when I came back to the UK I just wasn't seeing the everyday Japanese food that I had enjoyed in Japan and got pretty fed up of the generalisation that Japan was all about raw fish.

So in 2013 I started hosting 'Japan Night' Parties in my home here in the Wye Valley and Miniyaki's - Japanese Soul Food was born! I Concentrated on anything but 'raw fish' but in particular everyday dishes that you would eat as a native rather than a tourist.

I call this Japanese Soul Food


Since 2013 when Miniyaki's started, my mission has always been to bring a taste of everyday Japanese cuisine, as authentically as possible to my customers. I want my customers to enjoy Japanese food here as they would as someone living in Japan.

With this in mind Miniyaki's doesn't do fusion dishes and you will never find us serving chips!

With the aim of  keeping our dishes real, all our dishes are homemade using Japanese recipes and knowledge collected during my time in Japan.  For ultimate authenticity we use popular branded sauces & garnish to give our dishes that oh so Japanesy finishing touch.


Miniyaki's use locally sourced fresh ingredients in our Artisan dishes, therein supporting local farmers, ensuring the best taste for our customers, and our disposable cutlery, bowls, plates etc are all compostable/biodegrable products.


Miniyaki's are nut free as standard, 90% dairy free and offer both vegan, vegetarian & gluten free options.

We have an allergen chart in our trailer available for anyone who would like to check for specific common allergens in our dishes.

Customers are always invited to enquire about any specific allergen they may have.  As all our dishes are homemade I will easily beable to tell you what is in the dishes.

We do need to make customers aware that, even though our gluten free dishes will be kept separate from other dishes, and each dish has separate serving utensils, our working/serving space is very small and there is always the chance of cross contamination.

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