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Pop ups

During the Covid years we started doing pop ups at pubs, breweries, village halls etc.  Fast forward to the present and these sort of pop ups have become our norm and are a hugely popular new way of dining while enjoying your favourite tipple at the local pub/brewery/pop up pubs.

Our food blends beautifully with these events, so if you have a venue that regularly does street food pop ups or fancy giving the idea a go then please get intouch! 


Working Areas/Days

We are based in the HR9 area, Symonds Yat West, between Monmouth & Ross on Wye.

We like to work within a 1 hour circumferance which  perfectly placed us to travel to Monmouthshire, Gwent, Cardiff area, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire.

We are available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Set up requirements

  • We are a small catering trailer. 4.5m frontage including the tow hitch. So would need at least 5m space so we can open the back door.

  • An outdoor flatish spot which is easily accessible with a car. Unfortunately due to the very low footwell in the pod we cannot access spots in a steep dip or incline.

  • We require power fed from the back of the pod to the power source to avoid tripping hazards to the public. Alternatively something to cover the cables with if in the public's walkway.

  • Power wise we can run off 32 or 16 amp commercial plugs, or if only domestic 13amps are available we would require 2 separate wall sockets. We would not beable to run off a shared extension lead without risking everything going pop! 

  • Access to water would also be required.

  • We would need to arrive to set up and start cooking 2 hours before service. So we would need someone to meet us to show us where to go and access to power.

brie stuffed korokke
Miniyaki's chashu pulled pork
Chicken Katsu
Yasai Curry Rice
Osaka stylee Kushikatsu

Our Food

Our authentic Japanese artisan dishes are perfectly suited to enjoy with a drink or 2!

With the exception of some popular Japanese brand sauces that we use for ultimate authenticity, all our dishes are homemade by Miniyaki's to traditional Japanese recipes, using locally sourced produce, therein supporting local farmers and bringing you better tasting food!

Our dishes are tailored so you can enjoy our food as a filling rice bowl or as a snack, with options for children also.

We are nut free as standard, most dishes are dairy free and we have vegan & gluten free options available.

In addition to our main menu we have seasonal specials that we offer.

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