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Our Menu Dishes

These are the dishes on our regular pop up & events menu.

Please see pod for any specials on the day.


We try to make sure our menu is balanced to suit our GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN/KIDDIE CUSTOMERS.  

But please understand we are a small unit and electric supply is often an issue. So we are unable to supply a huge selection. 

You will notice that most of our dishes have the markers below. Please take note of what they mean for your dietary requirement.

Veggie version also available

We have a small fryer for vegan dishes. We will cook these fresh to order, so you may be asked to wait a few minutes.

Gluten free version also available 

Due to electricity & space we are unable to stretch to a 3rd fryer, but we will cook a selection of our gluten free versions up in fresh oil at the beginning of service.  So the earlier you are able to come the better. After these have run out they will be available cooked in shared oil. if you know you are unable to tolerate 'shared oil' then please ask before ordering. 

Chibiko Kid's version also available

A small child's portion will be available in dishes with the above marker. 


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