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Miniyaki's Bakery

Available between November - February

One of my favourite things in Japan were the Japanese Bakeries called 'Panya'. 

If you have never tried a Panya, you are missing out, and they should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do in Japan! 

The soft pillowy milk bread filled and topped with all sorts of amazing creations will get you hooked!

I'm often asked why I don't take my baked creations on the road with me, the simple answer is I don't have the time to make them ontop of all the other things on my street food menu.

But I have decided to start offering Japanese bakery goods & onigiri for collection or delivery between November & February when I am more free to do so.

So keep an eye on this space! 

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Bakery Goods
(All our breads contain milk, egg, butter and wheat flour).

Click the 'Let's Chat' icon to speak to me about orders.
Ordering available between November & February only.

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