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Pop up Menu for this weekend
Doward Park Campsite
SSaturday 27th August
4pm to 7.30pm
Raglan Fun Day
Monday 29th August
3pm to 8pm

Below you will find a menu giving you an idea of what you can expect on this pop up night.

A menu will be on view on the night next to the trailer.  

Please order and wait for your food street food stylee.

Card payment available depending on signal at the venue!


We are a very small catering trailer therefore cannot provide a huge menu but we do our best to have something for our Vegan & Gluten Free customers as standard.  

We use Yutaka Gluten Free Soya Sauce in all our dishes as standard.

My caterpod is also my kitchen, so due to the confined space I am not able to guarantee that airborne allergens will not be an issue. Therefore we sadly are not able to accommodate Coeliac customers.

'Nuts' are not used in any of my recipes but we do use 'Sesame oil and seeds' in some. 

My Japanese dishes are predominantly 'Dairy Free', but please ask before ordering if you are dairy intolerant.

Take out cartons are also available. Please state that you wish for a take out before ordering. 

We do not take pre orders except when we are doing the Okonomiyaki pancakes which we will have set times for collection.

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